Furniture Village

Furniture Village is one of the UK catalogues that gives their customers the option of pay monthly or pay weekly through their Furniture Village pay weekly/pay monthly line of credit program. With them you not only get quality furniture at an affordable price but you are getting quality furniture that only requires you to put down a 10% deposit. Not to mention the fact that your monthly payments are only going to be around 60 a month and the more money you spend getting the items that you want and need the more time you will have to pay back your balance. Also, if you pay back your balance within four years you will pay 0% in interest.

The best thing is after you pay your deposit you do not have to worry about making your first monthly payment until a month after you have received your furniture items. Also, unlike other pay weekly and pay monthly programs Furniture Village’s pay weekly/pay monthly program is never going to have any hidden fees or costs that arise. Basically, the rate that you are quoted in the beginning is actually what you will be expected to pay. You do not have to worry about them trying to upscale you or anything of that nature.

Overall, when you are thinking about purchasing new furniture for your home Furniture Village should be one of the first places that come into your mind. They are said to be very easy to qualify for and of course you will be building your credit at the same time that you are taking advantage of the Furniture Village pay weekly/pay monthly program. Not to mention the fact that you no longer will have to ponder as to how you will be able to get the furniture that you need with only a portion of the money.

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